Enzyme analysis

Enzyme Activity Assays

Enzymes (Biocatalysts) are important natural helpers in the production of foods, at first in agriculture (ground fertilization, enhancing feed) and afterwards in finishing or conservation of foods. Enzymes are also used in production of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, detergents, paper, leather and textiles.

The effect of enzymes is determined by their activity. We provide assays to analyze the activity of certain enzymes in a product. You will receive a detailed documentation of the results. For inquiries please send an email to: enzymes@amplab.de

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Protein metabolism
EnzymeEC No.application in production of
Bromelain3.4.22.32/33foods, feed, beverages, pharmaceuticals
Papain3.4.22.2foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals
Trypsin3.4.21.4medicine, pharmaceuticals
Chymotrypsin3.4.21.1medicine, pharmaceuticals
Actinidain3.4.22.14foods, pharmaceuticals
Carbohydrate metabolism
EnzymeEC No.application in production of
Lactase3.2.1.23foods, feed, dairy products
Lysozyme3.2.1.17feed, foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals
α-Galactosidase3.2.1.22foods, feed
Cellulase, CMCase3.2.1.4textiles, detergents
Invertase3.2.1.26foods, feed
Glucoamylase3.2.1.3beverages, foods, sugar, biofuel
Xylanase3.2.1.8paper, foods, biofuel
Collagenase3.4.24.3medicine, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics
Lipid metabolism
EnzymeEC No.application in production of
Lipase3.1.1.3bakery products, feed, detergents
EnzymeEC No.application in production of
Catalase1.11.1.6foods, dairy products, paper, textiles
Glucose Oxidase1.1.3.4biofuel, foods
Phenole Oxidase1.10.3.1pharmaceuticals, foods
Diamino Oxidase1.4.3.6pharmaceuticals, foods
EnzymeEC No.application in production of
acidic Phosphatase3.1.3.2feed
alkaline Phosphatase3.1.3.1medicine
Phytase3.1.3.8/26feed, silage

Activity assays of further enzymes on request: enzymes@amplab.de

Extraction, purification and characterization of enzymes

Our expertise in protein purification and characterization is based on scientific experience with enzymes of proteolysis and cell energy metabolism. Enzymes are essential for catalysis and the control of metabolism. As an approach for understanding enzyme function in vivo, we offer enzyme characterization under near physiological conditions. This is important for general pathophysiology, proteomic research and analysis of recombinant enzymes.

We offer:

Catalytic Activity

Animal metabolism can be screened in homogenates or extracts of frozen tissues (e.g.brain, heart, liver, kidney, skeletal muscle, and gonads) by photometric or fluorimetric analyses of key enzymes and central metabolites.
The physiological capacities of the different metabolic pathways are determined by measuring the maximal catalytic activities of key enzymes (maximal velocity, Vmax under standard conditions).
You will receive a detailed protocol of measurement and our physiological interpretation of the data.

For further information please contact: enzymes@amplab.de